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A common pest, the two most prevelant ants are Pavement Ants and Carpenter Ants.

Pavement ants feed on many different types of food, but they prefer meats and greases over other foods. Pavement ants nest outdoors under flat stones, sidewalks, curbs, concrete slabs, and many other places. They invade structures in search for food and are a problem in houses without basements. Inside structures, they nest in walls, insulation, floors, and near heat sources during the winter.

Pavement Ants are normally non-aggressive and can be controlled without much issue. However, larger infestations may require the services of an exterminator to contain.

Carpenter Ants are large wood destroying ants who, unlike termites, do not eat wood. Their diet is similar to that of Pavement Ants. They are considerably more damaging than Pavement Ants, and typically require an exterminator to locate and destroy the many ant colonies to being Carpenter Ants under control.

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