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As we approach the spring season, you can expect to see plenty of termite inspection vehicles out on the road. However, how can you know that an issue exists in your home, or that termites are to blame for damage?

Below are some detection signs that homeowners can look for before deciding on an official inspection or treatment service call. When you discover more details around your needs, it only helps us at ALM Exterminators complete your job more efficiently.

Mud Tubes
There are many different types of termites, and the ones that burrow through the soil remain among the most destructive. You can discover tubes running through the mud, especially along with your foundation slab, which indicates that termites are moving around.

 “Sawdust” Pellet Mounds"
You are what you eat, and termites feed primarily on wood surfaces, making for excrement that resembles pellets of sawdust. And because termites remain wise enough to do their business outside of tunnels, you can often find a kick hole.

Termite Wings
Similar to discover frass from hungry wood pests, you can often see discarded termite wings near window sills and doors. Among the colony, most termites can only walk, but those that fly primarily stay in charge of producing more bugs.

While the individual termite may be no more, several sets of wings mean that the larger group is staying active. Contact us when you find old discarded termite wings and make sure that they stop flying around your home today.

Wood Tunnels
In addition to invasive termites burrowing through the ground, you can frequently find tunnels along your interior and exterior walls. Check for areas near sources of water, including hose bibs, to see if it seems to attract more pests inside.

Noises Behind Walls
You may not think you could hear something as tiny as a termite, but they travel in groups, sounding louder. The worker termites continually make clicking sounds, while soldiers bang their heads to create an alarm for the other bugs.
For any other concerns, you can always ask ALM Exterminators for inspections.


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