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best fence companies near meTermites are large wood-destroying insects that live in the soil near wooden structures. Their wings are brownish-gray with two dark veins on the leading edge of each wing. Their soldiers are wingless with white bodies, square yellow-brown heads twice as long as their bodies, and large mandibles, which lack teeth.

Because they swarm in the soil rather than in wood itself, termites are extremely difficult to kill. A professional exterminator will be best equipped to kill the termites and destroy the colonies.

Rather than drilling and spraying chemicals into your home to treat termites, we use an exterior baiting system. Our baiting system is odorless, uses dry bait, and is not harmful to humans and pets.

Termite Inspections

Whether the local real estate market favors buyers or sellers, one thing remains a vital part of purchasing a new home. Without a professional termite inspection by a certified Newport, New York, exterminator, how can you know what issues to expect?

Even when a building has only recently gotten constructed, termites can still prove a fatal pest to your new house. And if your real estate agent has informed you that an inspection remains optional, you should always receive professional services.

ALM Exterminators provides the best in in-depth home inspections that locate and informs you of your pest problems and solutions. Before you hand over tens of thousands of dollars for a new home, it helps to know it remains safe.

More than one recent homeowner has discovered that their new dream home is little more than a sprawling termite colony. Before you sign that contract, make certain you hire our exterminator team for your best pest inspections for any property.

What to Expect
Choosing us means receiving a more in-depth look at your home’s insides, searching for any evidence that an issue exists. We check behind walls, basements, crawlspaces, and harder-to-access areas, leaving no stone unturned in our hunt for dangerous house pests.
We only use experienced local technicians and professional tools and equipment that keep you safe from wood-eating bug damage. When you choose us, it means more confident home buying.

You wouldn’t purchase a vehicle without a test drive.
​Choose ALM Exterminators for termite inspections.

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